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The ZTE Debacle Has Exposed A U.S.-China Rift — Here’s What It Means For Global Business

Forbes, Asia, May 22, 2018, Alex Capri, Contributor Washington and Beijing recently concluded days of fraught negotiations and have announced that there will be no “trade war.” This is no surprise. The real news, however, is what the negotiators failed to mention. Conspicuously absent from … Continue reading

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Leading Edge Textile Development

As I continue to work with companies to develop apparel and textile solutions to address a large range of uses in many climates, I keep up with the latest on textile development.  I am now working with several Asia-based textile … Continue reading

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Trump is pushing ‘Buy American.’ But customers (mostly) don’t care

by Heather Long   @byHeatherLongMarch 13, 2017: 9:01 AM ET Cathy Paraggio always checks the labels on stuff she buys: Is it made in China? Vietnam? Bangladesh? Mexico? Or America? She was a big believer in the “Made in the … Continue reading

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Foreigners buying directly from rubber farmers

**MY RECOMMENDATION: This may be an opportunity to renegotiate your rubber commodity-based buys to capitalize on lower raw material costs to your suppliers….Tom Continue reading

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